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At The Kollektif Co., we pride ourselves on being able to deliver a broad range of products. The cosmetic products range from everyday skincare, haircare and suncare, to more exclusive products, but not limited, such as OTC products, serums and skincare devices. Our expert team formulates with the highest level of details and quality, turning your ideas into a reality. We formulate with a wide range of organic, natural, and vegan performance materials - clean beauty that is safer on the skin and safer for the environment. 

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The Kollektif Co. is your one-stop shop for creating your next skincare products. Some of our capabilities include: 

Moisturizers, creams, and masks


Toners, serums, and oils

Lip care

Acne care

Chemical and physical exfoliants

Naturally derived, plant-based, and vegan products

women applying deodorant

OTC Products

We have done extensive formulation work on the development of OTC products. We ensure everything is compliant with OTC regulations and your needs.


Lip treatments


Active ingredient skin care

Dandruff care products 


Shampoo and conditioner

Personal Care

The Kollektif Co. develops custom personal care products and teams up with our trusted partners to ensure your products meet your needs and goals.

Deodorant and antiperspirants

Body wash

Hand soaps

Body creams, moisturizers, balms, and oils

Shaving products

Nail polish

Dental products

Essential oils 

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Hair Care

The Kollektif Co. can help you create the hair products of your dreams. Some of our haircare product capabilities include: 

Shampoos and conditioners


Dry shampoos

Heat protectants


Pomades, balms, and sprays


mom applying face cream on baby

Baby & Child Care

Products formulated for children should feature natural ingredients, and high SPF, for the most sensitive skin. We strive to develop these products with safety and efficacy in mind. 

Baby-safe sun care

Eczema products 

Personal care


Lotions, moisturizers, and more!


Following OTC regulations, The Kollektif can help you create sun care products that are safe and effective. Some of our product capabilities include:

Lotions, sticks, sprays, fluids, and more

Mineral, chemical, and combination formulas

SPF lip care

After-sun care and self-tanners

Baby-safe sun care

Clean, natural, and organic formulations

women applying sunscreen on face
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The Kollektif Co. offers an extensive list of categories for your makeup line. Our product capabilities include: 



Eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascara

Blush, highlighter, bronzer

Lipstick, lip gloss, lip balms

Nail polish, and more!

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