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The Product Development Process

Planning stage to post launch facility management

Our product development consultancy services are seamlessly integrated with the technical and scientific expertise and problem-solving skills of our product development teams. We provide you with the process foundation and strategic decision making support needed to speed the right products to the market. Our process, together with proven best practices and methodologies to manage innovation leads to successful launches.

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Identifying Product Opportunities

Innovation Implementation

Trend Implementation

Risk Assessments

Product Strategy

2-3 year Product Roadmap

We deliver a cross-functional, integrated strategy. At The Kollektif Co., we create various roadmaps at diverse levels of your business, allowing identification of potential breakthrough opportunities, innovative formulation, and on-trend product tines. We stretch our thinking beyond the short-term and add an additional focus on market needs of higher value for growth opportunities on the long term, allowing your business to thrive.  

Strategic Innovation Planning



At The Kollektif Co., we turn your strategic business objectives into executable plans enabling you to stay ahead of fast-moving markets and customer demands. We identify your target market, the economic and competitive factors within it and help you position your business to gain a competitive advantage.

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Industry Analysis

Market Analysis

Idea & Concept Development

Brief Creation

Cost Analysis

During ideation, we ensure to harness the greatest minds from our company to innovate successfully. We align on the goals you have established. During this step, we establish a systemic approach to reduce risk and maximise product development success.   

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Feasibility Assessments

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Process & Project Development




Our R&D department allows us to create innovative formulations that address your products' specific needs. We work with safety and consumer testing firms to facilitate all the testing requirements for your products. We deliver packaging and product-specific artwork with the appropriate regulatory requirements. Our team will help you select and facilitate a partnership with a fitting domestic and/or global manufacturer. We will guide you through any necessary processes including - but not limited to - formula transfer, pilot batches, and the first manufacturing process. 

Post Launch Performance

Customer Reviews

Product Opportunities

A successful PD process does not stop at the launch, it must be followed-up with a post launch assessment that involves evaluating both quantitative and qualitative reviews. We track the progress towards the established goals and ensure that the desired results are obtained. 

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Product Strategy Review

Roadmap Revision

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